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Your First Tattoo

When deciding on getting your first tattoo there are a few things to take into account.

What to get!

Your imagination is the limit, be wise and remember this is permanent body modification. Avoid getting dates of the deceased, rather get a positive image that represents the good aspects of them to bring warm memories. Avoid names of lovers and designs that are too intricately detailed. Avoid mainstream tattoos rather try get something that is unique to you. Use the internet as a resource and always be open to suggestions.

Where to get it?

Most tattoos can look great anywhere on the body. The best idea is have a few places you would like to get it done. There a few rules that the artist should follow to help you decide where is the best place to get the tattoo you want. The pain factor does have an influence on the decision of where to place the tattoo, artists will often decline to do first tattoos on very painful areas due to the fact that the pain factor might jeopardize the quality of their work.

Why to get it? 

A tattoo should be an expression of yourself, when considering what to get think of why you want it get it. Whether it’s to hold a memory close, express a belief, represent a way of life, convey a message or simply because you like the design. There are many reason people get tattoos but there a few reason people regret them so think long and hard and ask for opinions from those you hold close to yourself.

When to get it?

It’s advisable to consider the 3 or 4 weeks after you are planning to have your tattoo done. Your tattoo will need time to heal and there are a few things that can have an adverse reaction to the healing process. Excessive sun, sand, water, sweat, abrasion and harsh chemicals will harm your new tattoo. Once it is healed you can commence your life as normal. So keep this in mind when wanting to go on holiday or compete in a sporting event or any other activity that might jeopardize the healing of your tattoo.


To get a tattoo you need to be 18 years of age or you will need to bring your consenting parent with you. People on prescription medicine will need to advise the artist of what medication they are on. The tattoo will only be done providing there will be no adverse reactions. It’s not advisable to get a tattoo while pregnant.

The price

The price should never be the depending factor. Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good. With that said, think about what you are willing to spend on the tattoo and discuss your budget restrictions with the artist. This will enable the artist to meet your demands more successfully.

Please note that some Tattoos are executed in one session and some may take multiple sessions. For bigger Tattoos it is recommended to break them up into sessions. Art and deadlines have never met well. Reasons your Tattoo might take longer than initially anticipated.


The image or design might need to be tweaked or customized. We stress that this process is addressed prior to booking your appointment to get the Tattoo/s done. Any last minute changes are welcome but might result in your Tattoo not being completed in one session

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