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After Care

This advice is different from artist to artist but if you’re considering getting a tattoo from Burn Inc Tattoos then we strongly recommend the following healing procedure to ensure the quality of our work.

Simply put we advise that you use Bepanthen (only this brand), this product is a nappy rash ointment used for babies. It can be found at most supermarkets and any pharmacy without a prescription.

The Bepanthen method: What you will need:

Bepanthen, Dove (Chilled organic/boring) soap, clean warm water and a clean towel.


Wet the tattoo in the warm water, lather in the Dove soap, give it a good wash and then a good rinse ensuring all the slimy residue is rinsed away and the tattoo is clean. If still slimy after first wash, please wash again. Then pat it dry with a clean towel, give it an additional minute or two to air dry and then finally apply the Bepanthen in small amounts all over the tattoo. With a clean finger rub the Bepanthen into the skin until it is very thin and evenly spread everywhere and no longer white but see through. Repeat this process once a day for the first week. After this you can just resume your normal routine.

Things to avoid

Avoid any product that has any antibacterial or antiseptic ingredients. These are drawing agents and will remove most of your new tattoo.

Avoid excessive sun exposure, this will burn the remaining skin and cause blisters thus being destructive to your new tattoo.

Avoid excessive sweat and skin stretching, example: when working out if the tattoo is on your arm the do legs for a few days.

Avoid soaking your tattoo, washing is recommended, but prolonged exposure to water will be destructive to your new tattoo.

Avoid touching it with dirty hands, this is the easiest way to pick up an infection.

Avoid picking or scratching the tattoo while healing, if it is excessively itchy then go wash it and apply a thin fresh layer of Bepanthen or slap the tattoo. The pain sensation cancels out the itch sensation.

Avoid letting the tattoo dry out, if it is dries out that process is irreversible and will be destructive to your new tattoo.

Avoid applying too much Bepanthen, this will cause a mild rash and will make small red dots appear on the skin and will add to the itch factor.

Avoid wearing clothing that will be excessively abrasive to the tattoo. Example: if the tattoo is on a woman’s hip it’s advisable for her to wear a dress for a few days rather than a tight pair of jeans.

Avoid using any harsh chemicals or soap on the tattoo. These will dry the tattoo out and will be destructive to your new tattoo.

Avoid body lotions, use only Bepanthen on the freshly tattooed area.

Avoid long periods of time between washes. Wash the tattoo regularly no more than 4 or 5 times a day.

Avoid activities that might harm your new tattoo.

Avoid wrapping your new tattoo up. There is no need to place any form of cover over your new tattoo. The Bepanthen cream will work as a barrier product. (Liquid plastic)

Things to do after getting your new tattoo

Wash the tattoo, apply the cream, pat yourself on the back for going through with it, and reward yourself, example: have an alcoholic beverage, watch a movie, take a nap, meditate, play guitar or do whatever you want to do, just take care of your new tattoo!!!

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