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Tattoos do hurt, some are more manageable than others, Google tattoo pain chart to get any idea of what you can expect for the tattoo you are considering.

Numbing products

We recommend use of these products for the areas of the body where the pain factor might jeopardise the quality of the tattoo, these places include the ribs, sternum, throat, groin, arm pits and behind the knees. The product of choice is called Emla 5%, it is a cream you apply to the area you wish to have tattooed. You can acquire it at any pharmacy without a prescription. Please ask the pharmacist or check out the leaflet contained within the box for the correct directions for use and any precautions etc.

A summary of that is as follows: What you will need; a tube of Emla, cling wrap, sticky tape suitable for the skin (transpore tape) and a pair of scissors.


Clean and shave the area, break the seal of the cream, apply the cream in drops on the area, cover with a layer of clean cling film, then rub the cream in with the cling film covering the skin and cream. Now tape the cling wrap in place with any sort of tape that will not cause irritation to the skin. This is all to be done at least an hour prior to arriving for your appointment to have to tattoo done.

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